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Estra Divaria

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Estra Divaria Marine Conservation Science Coordinator


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Estra has more than 11 years professional experience in marine conservation and management in Indonesia. She holds a B.Sc in Marine Science from Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) and an M.Sc in Environmental Science from Vrije Universiteit. Before joining WWF-Indonesia as Marine Conservation Science Coordinator, she worked in UNESCO Office Jakarta as Programme Assistant for Small Islands and Indigenous Knowledge, the Indonesian Coral Reef (TERANGI) Foundation as Science Program Manager, and in national Zoo Indonesia journal as peer-reviewer. In WWF-Indonesia, her role is to provide support for developing and implementing a regional monitoring and evaluation plan for the seascapes where WWF Indonesia work and more specifically for the Sunda Banda Seascape Region, to measure biophysical and socio-economic changes and to inform revelant managers and decision makers in support of adaptive management. During her study and work, she has carried out some coastal related-research in the field of ecology, indigenous knowledge, conservation, management and climate change impacts, and has several publications to her credit. She is also experienced in, among others, training, community facilitation, project design, process improvement and stakeholder processes related to coastal/marine conservation and management.