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Helen Fox, PhD.

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Helen Fox, PhD. Marine Conservation Scientist

Fox Conservation, LLC

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Dr. Helen E. Fox is a marine conservation scientist whose portfolio of ecological and interdisciplinary research draws on her strengths in facilitating collaboration, working at the boundary of science and conservation, and managing teams. She is dedicated to determining which interventions work and provide a good “return on investment,” which do not, and why.  Helen was at WWF-US for more than a decade; as the Director of Marine Science she provided scientific and technical leadership and support, with particular focus on the Coral Triangle and the Bird’s Head and Sunda Banda Seascapes of Indonesia. She was the Senior Director of Research and Monitoring at Rare, leading ongoing development of their monitoring and evaluation work, with a focus on the Fish Forever program. She is the PI of a SESYNC working group examining links between marine protected areas (MPAs), ecological impacts, sustainable fishing, and human wellbeing in order to learn how to design MPAs to deliver benefits to people as well as biodiversity.  

Helen received her Ph.D. in Integrative Biology from UC Berkeley in 2002, investigating coral reef recovery and rehabilitation options from blast fishing in Indonesia and the first marine D.H. Smith Conservation Research Fellow at the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology, during which time she explored how connectivity could influence marine reserve design. She received a Fulbright Award and multiple grants, from the National Science and other Foundations and has over 30 scientific publications.  Helen has worked as a naturalist and snorkel and dive guide and conducted marine conservation research projects in Indonesia, Australia, Belize, the Solomon Islands, and the U.S.  She is a certified NAUI SCUBA instructor, has logged over 1,000 research dives to date, and once lived underwater for 10 days at the National Underwater Research Center Aquarius facility. She is married with two daughters and enjoys spending her scant free time with friends and family, preferably outdoors.