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Louise Glew, PhD.

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Louise Glew, PhD. Lead, Monitoring and Evaluation

World Wildlife Fund

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Louise Glew, Ph.D., is the Lead Scientist for Monitoring and Evaluation at World Wildlife Fund (US), where she manages WWF’s monitoring and evaluation strategy. Louise’s research focuses on understanding the social and ecological impacts of conservation interventions in complex social-ecological systems. She has an interdisciplinary background, with expertise in arid rangeland ecology, social sciences and statistics. In addition to her research portfolio, Louise leads the implementation of an innovative, integrated monitoring, evaluation and learning strategy at WWF-US, known as the ‘M&E Roadmap’. Louise holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Science, and a Masters in Environmental Science from the University of Southampton in the United Kingdom. Louise has research experience in Africa, the Caribbean, Southeast Asia and the United Kingdom.

Current collaborative research projects include: understanding the linkages between conservation and poverty; empirical on social impacts of marine protected areas in Indonesia; the incentives and barriers for mainstreaming impact evaluation to support evidence-based conservation; and developing novel analytical techniques for predicting the impacts of conservation interventions.